International operations question 5

1. In your opinion, is the WTO significant in driving increases in global trade? Describe the WTO using your own words.

Provide one example from the past two years to support your points. Why do you think that this example significant?

couple sentences

2. The World Trade Organization (WTO) certainly plays a large role in driving increases in global trade that have occurred as of January 1995 and beyond. Prior to January 1995, the various versions of GATT served as the driver of global trade increases. The WTO serves as a platform to reduce barriers to global trade so absolutely increases globalization. WTO member nations meet to conduct needed updates to trade agreements and has a platform to maintain agreements with dispute resolution services when needed. The WTO also acts as an informative platform for those looking to conduct international trade as well as a body that enacts the agreements made between nations.

Agree or Disagree within 2-3 sentences