International Marketing FDI

Note: Write based on the PowerPoint slide attached.

Country: India

Project: A series of water purification centers centered along the Ganges near settlements and people that do not have access to clean water Almost 75.8 million people in India do not have access to safe drinking water. The Ganges,which is highly polluted, provides water to around 40 % of India ‘s population . Purification of the Ganges river water would benefit those who do not have access to clean water and a large proportion of Indians in general

Write about: Cultural Analysis/ Relevant Elements from a Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis and Preliminary

Marketing Plan/ Outline of a hypothetical project that the FDI dollars will help to fund.

Requirements: Based on your country analysis, presents a clear, well-thought out and articulated hypothetical project

Clearly articulates any relevant assumptions/constraints/etc. that helps to justify/explain/etc. your project selection*

Simply outline/develop/present a hypothetical FDI project that capitalizes on the strengths of your country

12 point, Times New Roman, Double Spaced

Interesting, original, clear, concise, yet of adequate and substantial length to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the course material

Well formatted, easy to read, follow and understand, etc.

In other words… If you were a potential investor in this project, how would you want it to look, and what would you want it to contain?

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