International Business

Final Exam International Business Spring 2019

1. Governments play a major role in international business and international trade—for good or ill.

Explain the role of government in each of these areas. Explain the role played by the

governments of your countries in four of the five areas. You need not address all three of your

countries in every area, but you should address the actions of all three governments at some

point in your answer.

a. structuring markets;

b. international trade agreements;

c. certifying participants;

d. Factor mobility

2. How are your countries affected by international free trade agreements? What benefits do they

receive and what price do they pay for those benefits? You should address all three of your

countries in this answer; if a country does not participate in free trade agreements, you should

say so.

3. Describe the likely economic future for each of your three countries. Explain why you think each

country’s future is bright, dull, or dark. Justify your answers based on things like their current

status on the Happiness Index and other measures of well-being.

My three countries:

1) Denmark.

2) Kitts and Nevis.

3) Suriname