International Admissions Business Case Development Project

*** Plagiarism is not acceptable ***

Overview of Project –For this project, you will develop a Business Case (as outlined by ISACA’s best practices) for an IT idea (build an

site, allow for WiFi services in the office, CRM, ERP, etc.) in a fictitious company. The company doesn’t have to be an IT company but it must be of substantial size (at least 5,000 employees) and have an established IT Department. The company must have at least three locations. Keep things simple.

I have chosen the Topic called “International admissions” for a university.


  • Research Paper in in APA format. Plagiarism is not acceptable. (Please consider this top priority).
  • For Activity 1 complete instructions are specified. All instructions or tasks must be addressed.( Try to address all the information specified in each task )
  • Kindly Review the attached Val IT Business case PPT .( Slide 17 idea to start the project)
  • Paper must be included APA format References only and in-text citations. The references you cite should be credible, scholarly, or professional sources and Not older than 3 years