Information Literacy Assignment Serious Paper


Here are some tips about the Information Literacy assignment that is due next week.

The assignment should have an introduction and three clearly marked sections. It should be done in a report format with headings for each of the sections. You can do it as a first person narrative explaining your thought process and steps taken.

The department did not set a standard length requirement as students have different writing styles. Please make sure you check the rubric guidelines to ensure you fully addressed the requirements. Also make sure you have fully developed your ideas as well as the justification of your key points. You can use any standard style for references (for example APA, MLA etc..).

Section 1 you should clearly and comprehensively describe and justify the 3 information topics you believe is important to address central topic (accepting bitcoin for your 3D printer retail business).

Section 2, you should explain the search strategy you plan to do. This includes sources and outlets you plan to use and the reason for their selection. You should describe this step before you go looking for the information.

Section 3, you should clearly and comprehensively execute your strategy and evaluate the execution/results of your search strategy. As per guidelines, please make sure you:

  • Provide a copy of the best article or information source you located in each of your topic areas (a citation or link is sufficient as long as it is available online, otherwise include a copy in an appendix).
  • Explain why it was the most useful resource you found.
  • Did your original strategy lead you straight to it? Or did you have to adjust on the fly?
  • Describe your satisfaction with your overall search process, and describe how you would tweak it going forward when doing business research.