Impacts of Prostitution Legalization and Protection of Sex Work Analysis

1.) Urmi Basu describes the cycle of inter generational prostitution: “women who are in prostitution have very little ability to make their daughters aspire to do something different. It’s not that trans-generational prostitution happens because they want to make it happen. It’s because they have no option, they have no escape.” Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? What are some of the barriers that girls can face when they try to break out of this cycle?

2.) There is an international debate raging around the subject of prostitution and whether women will be better protected if it is legalized. What do you think? What impact do you think legalizing prostitution would have on the global sex trafficking crisis?

3.) Some women choose to enter the business of prostitution of their own volition, and are not forced or coerced. How can we make life safer for these women? How can we ensure that women everywhere have the power to make real choices about engaging or not engaging in sex work?

4.) What can you as an individual or we as a group do to protect prostitutes and help end forced prostitution?

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