IFSM370 University of Maryland VPN Testing Tunnel Bear Case Study and Questions


This is an individual project. Each student must complete a Case Study that provides the requirements analysis and a proposed solution for converged network solution. The target audience will be the organization’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). The Case Study deliverable is an MS Word document.

The completed Case Study deliverable is due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the due date shown in the Course Schedule. See the Additional Information section of the syllabus for the penalty for late or missed assignments and projects.

The Case Study is valued at 12% of the course grade.

Case Study

This project gives the student the opportunity to get hands-on experience with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). VPNs come in hardware and software varieties. There are a number of VPN apps that can be downloaded to your desktop and mobile device. One of these is called Tunnel Bear. Tunnel Bear has a free trial download. You are not required to use Tunnel Bear, but it is free.

Download Tunnel Bear (https://www.tunnelbear.com/)to your desktop/laptop AND mobile device (phone/tablet). Use Tunnel Bear for one week. Please keep in mind the free version is limited to 500 MB of data (so don’t use Tunnel Bear to watch Netflix or you will run out of data before you finish the assignment)! The idea is to experience a VPN client on your desktop and mobile device and keep a log of the sites your visit while changing the VPN servers that you connect to around the world. Make sure you change your VPN servers to a minimum of ten countries. Visit a minimum of ten websites (minimum of five sites on your desktop/laptop and a minimum of five different sites on your mobile device). Keep a log and make notes of your experience. What works well with the Tunnel Bear VPN? What doesn’t work so well. What specific performance impacts (if any) do you note. Why would you want to use a product like Tunnel Bear all the time?

The Deliverables

Your deliverable consists of your turned in VPN log anda two to four page write up of your observations and experiences. Please include the following questions in your writeup:

  1. What VPN client did you use?
  2. Did you have problems installing the client on either your desktop or mobile?
  3. What was your general experience with the VPN client?
  4. What specifically did you note about the VPN client when you connected to various VPN servers? Provide details.
  5. What performance issues did you encounter (if any)?
  6. Would you use a VPN client like Tunnel Bear all the time? If not, why not?
  7. What are the perceived benefits of a VPN like Tunnel Bear.

Your paper will be scored according to the Scoring Rubric below. The bolded attributes in the Scoring Rubric must be used as section headings in the paper. Be sure you have incorporated all required aspects of the assignment.