I want a reply post to the below essay in 170 words using apa format and journal articles

1. Write a comparative analysis of the articles noting the similarities and differences.

2. Compare the information in those articles to the materials in Chapter 14 of your textbook. Does the premise of those articles support the overall theme of the materials in Chapter 14 of your textbook? Why or why not?

3. Discuss what you learned from those articles. In your discussion, give example(s) of your organization handles ethic concerns as they relate to information management.

Article 1 explaining about privacy and security for the organization. Technology tools are not only sufficient for the organization; end-user security must put in place for information security for the end user. They provide information security model to pressures and effects of penalties for employee’s actions compliance with information security policies.

Article 2 explaining about responsible conduct. It is telling about TPB and PMT. They were using PLS technique (Partial Least Squares) conducting the survey of managers and professionals with the results of behaviors, mobile apps, irresponsible conduct, and social networking behaviors that compliance to the intentions of the employees.

Article 3 is explaining about technology addictions and the emerging trend of focus management. It is revealing about the qualitative research for ethical challenges with interferes with the ability to focus and be productive that will cost around a hundred billions of dollars.

Article 4 is explaining about behavior and policy issues, for example, I had an accounting department, and one of the employees shared all the paystubs to the construction worker. She supposed to send only his paystub with password protected document, but she sent all other employees paystubs to him without password protecting the file that includes all credentials information. It was the policy issue that we supposed to have one more layer to check the email before it will forward, and she has to ensure for her responsibility as a check before sending the documents.