I Phones Mobile Technology Essay

This assignment asks you to listen to the conversation about your Science and Technology topic (via Twitter and your précis) and contribute to that discourse by taking a stand.

Using good logic and reasoning, as well as at least 3 sources, please defend your final position on your Unit Two Topic, using all the research you have compiled so far!

At this point, I expect good grammar and presentation, no logical fallacies, and recognizable structure: Toulmin, Rogerian or Classical.

To be successful, do the following:

  • Start with a strong claim that will act as a road map for your main argument paragraphs.
  • Define the issue thoroughly for your reader and explain why it is significant.
  • Support your argument with evidence and solid reasoning (twitter, précis, etc.)
  • Acknowledge other viewpoints and the other side.
  • Avoid personal attacks and sweeping generalizations, and establish strong ethos by being honest.
  • Use strong imagery and precise language to argue your position.
  • Your essay should have an intro with attention grabber, claim, overview, and context (definition); 5+body paragraphs with topic sentences and transitions; source work to support your claim; a strong conclusion that does NOT summarize your essay, but rather ends on a strong, powerful note (and does not use the words “In Conclusion.”)

Your essay should be in MLA format, 3-4 pages, typed, TNR font, 1 inch margins, with INTEGRATED QUOTES, in-text citations, and a complete works cited.