I need 2 discussion responses each 150 words.

number 1

Girl Interrupted is the movie I chose to write about for this discussion. This is one that my sister watched a million times and I ended catching it a few times. It stood out to me because it covers so many different situations and diagnostics, and I think it really opened my eyes. The character Georgina suffers from depression and has what seems like an easy time dealing with it. While Lisa is another character and she suffers from the diagnostic of being a sociopath. Lisa’s journey is a long one at the ward. The last character that is someone that really was influential is Susanna, she is the main character and she is admitted after a breakdown that involved attempted suicide. The characters in this movie are all in a ward and are dealing with their illnesses and even consequences that are everlasting because of their illness. You will get to see how the characters deal with their issues inside the ward and how the hospital works with them as well.

The movie is very intense and something that really showed me just how difficult it is for people dealing with these situations. This movie really dives into crisis from start to finish. It broke my heart thinking about people in these wards away from the familiar but it also made me thankful there are places like this available to people in need. The lessons that we have learned so far are so beneficial to people suffering. I think that lesson 4 about the Crisis Intervention would be something that would be used with the characters in this movie. Using the steps that involve really taking a detailed look into the situation would be crucial because most of the patients are in conditions that need the max amount of help and support.

number 2

I can do bad all by myself by Tyler Perry is one of my all-time favorite movies. This movie has a few characters that are going through or have gone through a crisis. This movie plays out all of these crises showing how each individual acts upon each situation. To give a brief summary about the movie it involves a lady named April who is an alcoholic, singer, and nightclub performer lives with a man who is married with children. Her sister who is deceased due to drugs, left behind three young children. Their mother has custody of the children now. The children were caught breaking into Medea’s house, but the children plead that they haven’t seen their grandmother in four days and have no one else to take care of them. April is their only relative left that can care for these children. So, Medea brings these children over to Aprils house and April was not happy and does not want to care for these children. The oldest child Jennifer, who is a young teenager, plays the role of a caretaker for her younger two brothers, she is considered a parentified child. She has to protect her brothers, feed them, watch over them, one of her brothers is diabetic as well. Jennifer has gone out of her way to steal needles so her brother can take his insulin. These children are going through a major crisis because they have no one besides their self. They are very emotional, angry, and sad. After a few days, they find out their only caretaker, their grandmother was found dead on a bus. After this devastating news, April is their only hope. April’s boyfriend then tries to rape Jennifer. This little girl has been through so much and holds so much responsibility. Towards the end of the movie everyone starts to take care of, respect and love each other. Learning how to work as a family they become healthy and strong. Not only were the children going through a major crisis by losing their mother to drugs, their grandmother at an old age, having no family and no responsible adult to care for them, but April was also going through a crisis. She is an alcoholic, was involved in a bad abusive relationship, and had no morals. She had to experience her sister dying, her mother dying and found out her boyfriend tried to rape her niece not to mention she woke up one morning learning she now has to care for three children. The characters in this movie seem very disturbed and angry. There is a lot of fighting and bickering between everyone. They were unable to cope with emotions. I think it would benefit Jennifer and April to take the Holmes & Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale. They both seem to have so many emotions and anger bottled up inside. This test could help them identify their issues.