Hypersomnia Diagnosis and Social Factors Case Study Presentation

Oral Video Presentation with Slide show. Based on your Case Study from your Essay Analysis Paper, students will make Video oral presentation using Slide Show format. (video on your ipad and submit to Canvas) Compress your video before submitting – limit your presentation to 5-8 minutes. With the use of documentation and examples from the case study or film, the students will present how this character has exemplified the course and development of a disorder. For the main character you will include the following topic headings in your slide show presentation: Introduction (describe the case and the character); Diagnosis – include symptoms from DSM V and examples of character’s behavior; Etiology (causes of the Problem); Social Factors (family or living conditions); Treatment Plan (type of therapy or medications); and Conclusion..

Students will prepare slides (no more than 6-7 slides) which will accompany the oral presentation of the project. Movie clips or trailers may not be embedded into their power point presentation. See Rubrics for Writing and oral presentation under materials. You must video record your presentation on your iPad and submit it to canvas along with the Slide Show.

Do NOT CUT and PASTE paragraphs from your paper into the slide show presentation. Power Point works best for Slide show. Brief summary statements only. Do not read your paper in your presentation. No more than 6 lines per slide.

Slide 1. Introduction (short description of case study);

Slide 2: Diagnosis – include symptoms from DSM 5 and examples of your character’s behavior;

Slide 3. Etiology (causes of the Problem i.e. Heredity, Psychological )

Slide 4. Social Factors (family or living conditions that could influence the problem)

Slide 5. Treatment Plan (type of therapies or medications)

Slide 6. Conclusion.

Slide 7. References (make sure you include reference slide) .

Instructions to upload

2. Save it somewhere (best to save it to ARC on left navigation )

3. Open Canvas

4. Open the Video Presentation Assignment

5. Select the Submit Assignment – it’s Blue to right

6. Select the ARC tab

7. Select the +Arc top right

8. Browse to find your saved video

9. Hit “select this” and confirm then submit your assignment