Human Resource Staffing, Training, Recruitment And Development

Please answer the following questions within a maximum of 3 double-spaced pages.Note the limit requires you to be concise in synthesizing all the input from the classroom material and any external literature you gather.

  • Explain how each of the HR staffing, training & development, and performance management functional areas relates to turnover.Consider:How does turnover impact the HR function?How does the HR function influence turnover? (Weight = 35% of the exam)
  • Using one of the steps in the staffing (recruitment and selection) function, identify an action that could increase diversity in the organization’s labor pool.Explain how/why that change can be effective, using support from the literature. Then, explain the impact an increase in diversity could have on the organization’s training & development and performance management functions.(Weight = 35% of the exam)
  • Your organization is planning a major organizational change that will impact a number of employees. Some departments will need additional employees with specialized skills and other departments will need fewer employees, leading to a reduction in force (RIF). As the head of the HR department, what steps will you take in planning for both the increased need for employees with specialized skills and the RIF?(Weight = 30% of the exam)