Human Adaptations to Extreme Environments Acclimatization Assignment

Choice 2: Human Adaptations to Extreme Environments

Human acclimatization, temporary physiological adaptations to the environment, can take place when encountering heat, cold, and high altitude. This ability to adapt is more than just a collection of interesting facts. Knowing about acclimatization can help people in various occupations and hobbies. Cultural adaptations (solving problems through ideas and technology) can also enhance our acclimatizations or provide other ways to restore homeostasis.

Initial Post

Think about how acclimatization and cultural adaptations can help people perform better when engaged in different activities. From reading your introductory posts, I know that some of you have career aspirations and hobbies that can directly benefit from knowing how acclimatization and cultural adaptation work!

Answer these questions:

  1. What is an occupation or hobby that involves acclimatization to an extreme environment mentioned in the book or lecture?
  2. What are at least two cultural adaptation solutions to this extreme environment? For example, wearing heavy clothing helps us in cold environments. Try to get more creative than that with this one!

The initial post should be at least 200 words.


  1. Read the posts of at least two other students who different activities to discuss.
  2. Respond with your own comment on your classmates’ post. Choose one of the following ways to reply.
  1. Dig a little deeper for your classmate: are there websites that give information on how to address extreme environments? Try entering ‘treat <environmental stress>’ in a search engine and see what you find! Show your classmate a link you found about the acclimatization and the activity he or she chose. Give a short summary of what the website suggests.
  2. Do you have experience with the activity that your classmate mentioned? Share some of your personal observations on acclimatization.