HUM3425 Africa Golden Past Research Paper

Steps to Success!

  1. Read all five (5) of the “Africa’s Golden Past” series from Ebony Magazine (1964-1965). Take notes where appropriate to assist you in your writing.
  2. Find appropriate articles with which to pursue a comparison to the articles themselves. You should be able to expound upon specific points in any given article with course readings. I only expect you to use course readings and the “Africa’s Golden Past” articles for your research. Certain documentary films might be useful as well. If they are already on BlackBoard, in this class, you may use them.
  3. Use appropriate and accurate MLA style in your writing. 8th edition MLA style, the latest, is preferred, but 7th edition is completely acceptable. Of course, 7th edition is that which Microsoft Word will assist you in doing.
  4. End up with a better picture of Africa’s “Golden Past” and by virtue of your effort in making the comparison with appropriate bits and pieces of our class readings.
  5. You will find the articles on BlackBoard under “course documents” already.
  6. Your final paper will be the requisite 8-10 double-spaced pages in perfect MLA style. It’s surprisingly easy!
  7. MLA Style link:…

Your one Free citation (a purely altruistic, humble, and magnanimous gift from me ☺).

7th ed MLA Style (which Word will format for you)

Hansberry, William Leo and E. Harper Johnson. “Africa Golden Past, Part 1: Life Could Have Begun in Kush,” Ebony Nov. 1964: 31-39. Print.

8th ed MLA Style (which Word WILL NOT format for you)

Hansberry, William Leo. “Africa Golden Past, Part 1: Life Could Have Begun in Kush” Ebony, Nov. 1964, pp. 31-39.