HSA532 ASU Importance Of Credentialing To Patients Presentation Help

HSA 532 Assignment

Title:Managed Care Quality

Due: 4/9/19


Groups will be assigned key concepts in quality as it relates to Managed Care.Each group will take a deeper dive into the assigned topic and provide content found by research, interviews, and or personal observation of this topic.


Each group was assigned a topic at random, these are not subject to change.

The group will prepare a PowerPoint presentation approximately 10-15 minutes and present the topic in class.

This will be accompanied by a research paper covering the topic.While there is no page requirement, consideration will be given for the detail, as well as the works cited and or interviews completed of those working directly in the field.


PowerPoint Presentation

Paper saved as a word document or rtf extension

Both will be uploaded to BlackBoard.

so my part is why credentialing is important to patients

you should make a power point slide and one page and a half paper talking about it