HRM510 Management Team Briefing on Employment Laws Presentation

BELOW are all the comments made by the instructor that needs to be made to my existing powerpoint presentation…Please makethe changes SUPERB!


why is employment law defined as a “fragmented work in process”? by whom? you should include your reference right on the slide

You have good points here but they are disjointed – this is supposed to be your cover/agenda slide

where is the agenda for this presentation? Best way to start is to read the assignment instructions, develop an outline, conduct your research then develop your slides


what made you put this information on the slide – for example why include “employees require compensation?

You should examine the key employment laws and then pick out what are the important legal issues you feel all employees need to be aware of

what law gives employees the last right you discuss here? Are you sure?


I really don’t see what the value of this slide is to an employee? Put yourself in the place of a new employee at your organization. what laws do they need to be aware of based upon your assingment instructions? You do not identify any law on this slide.


same issue here – you do not discuss what specific employment laws cover which of these sentences. Why are each of these sentences important to a new employee? Are they?


too many slides on employee/employer relationship -should only be 1 or 2 and should include whatever federal laws govern this relationship


I believe the term should be “types of employee discrimination – a concept is a theory or apporach

need some more specifics here – good to give examples but what part of what law (Title VII; ADA., PDCA etc are you talking about on this slide?


good list of types of discrimination – what is the federal law(s) that govern this?


please read this sentence out loud. Does it make sense to you? You should be directing all your presentation to employees (no clients)