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Money is not always the answer to personal and professional satisfaction. According to (Choi, 2019), “money is not the most powerful or effective motivator.” There are three factors that can assist with personal and professional satisfaction: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. “In situations where individuals are paid fairly, this trio drives, engages, and stimulates us to do our best work” (Choi, 2019). As human beings, autonomy plays an essential role in our everyday life. “Our self- direction is a natural inclination” (Choi, 2019). For example, within the workplace, it allows me the opportunity to have control over my work such as deciding on what I would like to work on and when I would like to work on. An example of autonomy in a personal perspective would be pursuing your undergraduate degree. When pursuing your undergraduate, the individual is starting to learn more about themselves by exploring different things.
With mastery, “a sense of progress, not just in our work, but our capabilities, contributes to our inner drive” (Choi, 2019). Being able to master certain things in your personal and professional life, is a great accomplishment. For example, in the workplace, when I can expand within the organization such as getting promote to different positions or getting recognize for the duties I perform. An example of a personal experience would be my weight lost journey by exercising daily eventually I will start seeing improvement in my weight, breathing, etc.
“Purpose is what gets you out of bed in the morning and into work without groaning and grumbling, something that you cannot fake” (Choi, 2019). When an individual understands their purpose in life and at work that would motivate them even more. It is essential to have these three components in your personal and professional life to bring about satisfaction.
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