How Important Is NAFTA to The US Textile and Apparel Industry Paper

This assignment is in the format of Q&A.

Answer following questions:

Question 1: How important is NAFTA to the U.S. textile and apparel industry? Overall, why or why not do you think the U.S. textile and apparel industry is a beneficiary of NAFTA over the past two decades?

Question 2: Why does the U.S. textile industry want to keep the so-called “yarn-forward” rules of origin in NAFTA? Why do U.S. apparel brands and retailers dislike the “yarn-forward” rules?

Question 3: What are the main arguments that support eliminating the tariff preference level (TPL) in NAFTA? What are the main arguments that oppose eliminating the TPL in NAFTA? If you were U.S. trade negotiators, why or why not will you eliminate TPL from the agreement?

Question 4: Why are the textile-specific rules of origin under free trade agreements so complex? What potential issues do you think can arise because of the complexity of these rules?

All answers should be based on the articles. carefully reading articles that I provide is important.

Article1: Textile and apparel rules of origin under U.S Free trade agreements. Page 166-168

Article 2: Textile industry versus apparel industry: the case of renegotiation of the north american free trade agreement (169-173)

Step1: reading the requirement (see attachment)

Step 1: reading articles (see attachment)

Step 2: answer questions according the articles ( DO NOT use direct quotes from the articles)

Using simple and easy sentence structures and grammar.