How Did Homo Sapiens Evolve


The study of humans (Homo sapiens) is extremely broad and encompasses the time from before humans evolved to the present day; from your own backyard to the furthest corners of the earth. To understand this diversity of the academic discipline of anthropology, one can break down this huge amount of material into 4 basic fields (or subdisciplines) of study: archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistics; and a fifth field called applied anthropology. One way to further explore this vast discipline is to seek additional reliable information.

A digital magazine SAPIENS was created to bring the research and message of anthropology to the public. It is funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc. Articles in SAPIENS are written by anthropologists and journalists in a format that is accessible to the public. This discussion involves the exploration of this online magazine to have a better understanding of what anthropology is all about.


Explore the SAPIENS (Links to an external site.)Links to an external The articles are organized into the main categories of: Archaeology, Body, Culture, Evolution, Language, Technology. You can access this information by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars on top left side of the SAPIENS (Links to an external site.)Links to an external

Choose one article (except the one co-authored by Dr G) and thoroughly read it, keeping in mind the terminology and subjects from Chapter 1.

Answer the following questions for your initial post. Label your responses according to each of the numbered questions since it helps you to answer all questions and it facilitates reading for everyone. All work must be your own. All references must be cited. (Provide full bibliographic citations using APA style for all sources for the information you use. Instructions for using the APA style are posted in this week’s module. Wikipedia is NOT a good source and should not ever be used.)

1. Provide the bibliographic information for the article you chose.

Here’s an example of a properly cited SAPIENS article, using the APA reference style:

Gonlin, N., & Nowell, A. (2018, April 20). What the archaeology of night reveals. Retrieved

from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

2. Write two to three paragraphs in your own words to summarize the article. Include the main points and conclusion. This section should be several sentences long. (Do not plagiarize your sources.)

3. To which of the main fields (subdiscipline) of anthropology does your article most closely relate? First, define this field of study and second, discuss how the article you chose relates to it.

4. Tie in the article you chose with at least 3 concepts in the textbook reading (Chapter 1). First define each concept (it should appear in bold in your initial post) and then tie in the article to each concept. (archaeology, artifact, biological anthropology, foraging, paleoanthropology, physical anthropology, subsistence)