How Ancient Egyptian Mesopotamian & Canaanite Religions Impact Early Judaism Discussion

Discussion 3

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For the second graded discussion, I’d like to answer the following questions: How did ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Canaanite religions impact early Judaism? How did the God of Judah and Israel evolve over time? Was the God of the early Jews an all knowing, all loving God?

When giving your comments make sure that you cite your sources. You may only use the assigned sources, i.e. Holloway, Nadeau, Wright, primary and/or secondary documents that are provided, and lectures.

To cite texts, use this format (author pg#), e.g. (Holloway 17). To cite primary documents cite the author of the document and page number, if available, or if no author is available the first significant word of the documents, e.g. (Psalms 7:5). For the lecture, give the instructor along with the lecture number and slide number:

(Colling lecture/slide #) e.g. (Colling 2/47).

Your posting should be at least 800 words of clear, well documented argumentation.

You must respond to at least one other student’s posting. Do not just agree with someone. Say why you agree with them and and add significantly to their argument. It is even better if you find one that you disagree with. In both case, you’ll cite your sources. The intent of the discussions is to exchange ideas with each other and debate where your ideas conflict. Be kind and intellectually generous, especially when you disagree.