Hospital Emergency Management in 10 Years Writing Paper

Q1-Where do you see hospital emergency management being in 10 years?

Q-2 Will healthcare emergency management be folded into municipal emergency management or into another hospital responsibility? If so, why?


  • Write a post to answer those questions at least 500 words.
  • Write as a second language use simple academic word
  • .Include references. At least two.
  • here are some references that might help you , not necessary to use them.

    Rose, D. A., Murthy, S., Brooks, J., & Bryant, J. (2017). The evolution of public health emergency management as a field of practice. American Journal of Public Health, 107(S2), S126–S133.

    Sylves, R. T. (2019). Disaster policy and politics: Emergency management and homeland security. CQ Press.