Homeland Security and the Patriot Act Paper

RESEARCH NOTES 20% TOTAL (4 assignments @ 5 % EACH= 20%)

The purpose of the Research Notes assignment is two-fold,

1) of course I want you to learn about the topics listed and think about how they relate to this class, and

2) I want you to practice note-taking in preparation for writing a research paper (you may, in fact, use these notes in your other assignments where appropriate, or for the final essay).

Choose 2 from the list, (a and b, or c and h, etc), then look up information about the listed topics.

Assume you will be writing a paper or using the notes in a research paper, so make sure you cite the source of your notes at the top (as if it were a note-card– use the proper MLA citation), and note any page numbers, direct quotes etc. for possible use later. Research first from the available scholarly sources through the Los Angeles Mission College Library website, and submit your notes that relate to the topics below. The notes for each topic and for each source should have the source properly cited at the top, followed by a summary of important or pertinent information that you feel is relevant to the Chican@-Mexican@ community below.
NOTE: There may already be relevant articles under MODULES on these topics. Feel free to use any of those.


Choose two (2) sets of topics below for each assignment- you may do the remaining ones for extra credit:

a) 9/11, Homeland Security and the Patriot Act

b) Immigration, Deportations, and the Prison-Industrial Complex

c) Israel and Occupied Palestine, the United States and Occupied Aztlan

d) Brutality, Impunity, and the Militarization of Police

e) The Declaration of Independence, the constitution of the united States of America

f) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, and international law.

USE CREDIBLE SOURCES. For each topic you must try to find at least two (2) sources from the resources available through our library, i.e. EBSCOHost, CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints, National Newspapers, etc.

This research assignment is designed to link contemporary domestic issues with international ones, by the thread of human rights and state abuse of power.


No Credit: Assignment missing or fails to adequately fulfill the basic requirements of the assignment

½ Credit: Assignment partially fulfills the requirements of the assignment.

Full Credit: Assignment fulfills all of the requirements of the assignment.