HIST 1302 Duck and Cover Video – Nuclear History Discussion

—-Give Me Liberty & Voices of Freedom, Duck and Cover video, Nuclear History pdf, and Nightbreaker film

What were the main characteristics of the affluent society of the 1950s?

How were the 1950s a period of consensus in both domestic politics and foreign affairs?

What were the major thrusts of the civil rights movements in this period?

What was the significance of the presidential election of 1960?

Duck and Cover Video

What are your thoughts on the use of duck and cover as a means to protect from nuclear blasts?

UN Nuclear Testing History (located in Content section of class under Chapter Notes)

What did you learn about nuclear testing that you were not aware of before reading the printed information from the United Nations?


If you watched the film “Nightbreaker,” what are your thoughts on it?

Discuss anything else you found interesting in the reading or film for this week.