HIS202 Civil Rights Movement in United States During 20th Century Essay

Must use notes that I supply can NOT USE Google or Wiki or any outside source.

Pick 2 out of 3 Questions.

Has To Be Two Separate Essays.

Must Start as a clear Argument.

What they are looking for and what I need.

I’m testing you on how well you are mastering the materials in this class. With that in mind, it is not generally helpful to bring in examples or materials from outside of this class. For instance, going to Wikipedia or other websites for your answers will not result in you doing well on the essay (see the note on plagiarism at the end). Use your book, your lectures, your primary source readings, and the class discussions. You can absolutely disagree with any interpretations or arguments I present in lectures, discussions, etc. (or that your textbook presents), but you need to show that you understand what those arguments are and the examples and materials that were given in class in order to refute them.

There is no set length for these. You need to be as thorough as possible, be sure to answer all parts of the question and back up your points with examples drawn from all available course materials. In general, you’re probably looking at writing at least a couple of double-spaced typed pages per essay to do a decent job answering them

When I grade these, I’m going to grade them based on how well you answer the questions. Do you answer all parts of the question? Do you provide specific examples for all of your arguments? Do you adequately explain your examples and reasoning?

You don’t have to use direct quotes and you do not have to provide citations, however, it can be helpful to say where you’re getting your examples from, i.e., “Like we read about in the Harlem Renaissance document…” Part of what I’ll be grading on is whether or not you’re using all available materials, so while I generally can tell where you’re getting examples from, it can be helpful to point them out ( this is where I want you to show me you’re reading all the documents and textbook chapters).

HIS 202

Essay Question (50 points each):

Answer two of the questions below in essay form

(i.e. two separate essays) by drawing on information from lectures, your textbook, class

discussions, as well as documents we have read for class. Good answers will start with a

clear argument and then support each point with specific examples drawn from class


1. Discuss the rise of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States during the

20th century and its continuation into the 21st century. What were the “sparks”

that led to the movement? What issues or tensions divided people within it

and what issues or tensions remain today? How did the movement change

after the early successes of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act?

2. Few events shaped US history to the degree of the Cold War. In a well

thought out essay, examine the ways that the Cold War has shaped, and

continues to shape, domestic and foreign affairs for the United States in the

20th and 21st centuries.

3.The second half of the 20th

century saw the rise of numerous social and

political movements. In what way was the rise of the New Right tied into

these other movements? What other factors influenced its development? How

did it shape domestic and foreign policy in the United States during the late

20th and early 21st centuries?