Healthcare Emergency Management Discussion


– Where do you see hospital emergency management being in 10 years?
– Will healthcare emergency management be folded into municipal emergency management or into another hospital responsibility? If so, why?


So now it’s time to speculate. What does the future hold for EM? What world events will shape policy and practice? What will the feds and regulatory agencies require of hospitals in terms of EM?


  • Discuss the evolution and future of healthcare emergency management.
  • Discuss legal implications of emergency preparedness on disaster response for hospitals.

Reference to appropriate authoritative resources and official websites. Must be accessible online. Use New Times Roman 12 font with 1” margins and APA style. The answer should be at least 400 words.

The required readings (attached):

– Petinaux, B. (2008). Financial Burden of Emergency Preparedness on an Urban, Academic Hospital.Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 24 (5) 372-375

Also, the primary book attached.