Health Education Program on Young Adult Health Problem Program Project

What is a Program Brief?

For this assignment, your program brief will be a 2-page summary of the knowledge surrounding a health education program. To write the brief, you should assume that the audience knows little or nothing about the topic and program. The brief should summarize the topic’s background and stakeholder information quickly and succinctly. The writer should be clear, concise and complete in his/her writing.


For the program brief assignment, the following items should be included. Note that the brief for this class will be 2 pages in length. You will need to select a youth or young adult health problem/issue and then find an evidence-based program on that topic. Your brief will include:

  1. Background: what is the youth or young adult health problem/issue? Include a description, any pertinent history and data (local, regional, national). This might include special populations that are disproportionately affected by the issue. Is this health problem preventable? If so, how? Is this health problem treatable? If so, how? Why is this a health problem?
  2. Research and describe a current, evidence-based program on the youth or young adult health problem/issue. Fully describe the program and evaluate it based on the Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum (Box 2.3 in the text). To do this, you will research and cite articles that prove the program is evidence-based.

Please make sure to write clearly and directly. Proper APA citations are required. For this assignment, the reference list can be a third page. It is expected that at least 3-4 peer reviewed articles will be used in this assignment, along with other professional websites, such as the CDC. There will be some class time set aside for assistance on this assignment. Dr. Pappa will provide some examples of acceptable program brief formats.

Here are some websites that might give you some ideas. You DO NOT HAVE TO USE one of these sites, but you can if you find a program you are interested in researching further.