Health Education

” I need 2 of the same work , but choose a different right and talk about it “

” it’s same question for two students , I need one for me and one for my friend , not the same please “

” I don’t have the book , Don’t take my question if you don’t have it “

Discussion 1: Please introduce yourself to the class and tell us all why you chose to take HED 204.

Then, select one of the articles from the United Nations General Assembly Universal Declaration of Human Rights (pgs. 13-18 in your textbook), and give us an example of how this article has been breached, in your opinion, somewhere in the world.

You will need to use other sources besides your textbook to have at least two references to describe and document this infraction. Any quotes should be cited in your work. Please make your response to this prompt at least two pages. your references should be in APA format (Please check the rubric for grading in your syllabus to maximize your points earned.)

Once you have posted your work you will be able to see other student work. You need to make a thoughtful comment on at least two other people’s work.