HBO Game of Thrones Branding Textual Analysis

4 Page minimum textual analysis of how HBO brands Game of Thrones. Each paragraph of the paper must begin with a subclaim statement (not a plot fact or quotation). The point of the paper is not to simply make observations (I see, I think) you must make claims:

(“X” text demonstrates/suggest/illustrates)

Clearly introduce quotations explaining who is speaking and about what

Example: [Describing the impact of time of timeshiftimg on scheduling, John Ellis notes, “the practice…” (Ellis 68)]

The only usable sources/articles are:

Television and New Media: Must-Click TV by Jennifer Gillan

Television as a Cultural Forum by Horace Newcomb & Paul M. Hirshch

The TV Brand Builders by Andy Bryant & Charlie Mawer

Cultural Diversity as Brand Managment in Cable Television by Melanie E.S. Kohnen

Cable Watching: HBO, The Sopranos, and Discourses of Distinction by Dana Polan

Ellen: Making Queer Television History by Anna McCarthy

The paper must include intext citations, size 12 font, times new roman and alphabetically ordered works cited.