Guest Satisfaction Interdepartmental Communication Strategy Presentation

As the new General Manager of a 350-room full service hotel you have been asked by the owners to improve guest satisfaction. The owners monitor overall guest satisfaction using a guest experience measurement tool, and scores have been on the decline in all departments. Recent communication issues between the front desk and the ancillary departments of the hotel have resulted in guest complaints about rooms needing cleaning or repairs. Restaurant sales have also been declining, and there have been complaints about room service taking too long.

The owners would like for you to present a service culture plan to improve the current operational systems that are impacting the guest satisfaction scores across all departments.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you:

  • Define Service Culture and its application to the guest cycle.
  • Include an interdepartmental communication strategy.
  • Provide a housekeeping room inspection checklist.
  • Provide a preventive maintenance checklist
  • Address room service operational improvement; i.e., speed of service.
  • Include a front desk upselling plan to increase restaurant sales.
  • Include a guest service training plan.
  • Address management’s role.
  • Provide appropriate references.

Include detailed speaker notes and visuals that support your presentation bullets and demonstrate a connection to the text and any additional sources that you have used.

Format sources according to APA guidelines.