guest lecture writing


please follow the link

download the record

and listen to it…

this was a university competition from (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center to support and encourage the student to work and being entrepreneur

the record is recording from the beginning tell the end

I will show you who speaks and who are the participants and who is the winner

I want to you to write about

1)how amazing is this competition, how amazing the university and entrepreneur support the students

2)and how much they enthuses me to participate next year

3)and how much I’m thinking to be entrepreneur ( as i learned also from the past guest lecture to trust my self, and to be risk taker)

4)my opinion on the participants and their ideas and their projects

what I like the most, what I don’t like

5)i’m also very proud of the winner as he is my classmate in this course, this is enthuses me a lot.

the first attachment shows the organization of the competition and who will start to talk and stuff like that

the 2 attachment is the participants with their ideas and projects

the winner is the last one Stuart, Stoned Studio( he is my class mate in this finance course)

if anything in the record isn’t clear

please let me know

so I can help you in anything you want to know

I also have videos if the record isn’t clear

Thank you so much in advance

this is more writing about our opinions

prof wants to see how we like this

he wants us to be very impressed of what we see

he wants to excite us to work hard