Group project about Soccer Business Analytics Assignment


In the attachment you will find four Charts. I already wrote the ideas of each chart but I want to make them longer as paragraphs.

For the First Pic:

The idea is: This Dashboard gives a clear view on how DOB (YEARLY) affect the CAPS and AVG Goals of each different position. 1- The trendline highlights that “mostly” the older player in each position, the more caps the player would have. 2- Excluding AVG Goals for Goalkeepers, it is obvious that the older players scored more goals than the younger ones.

For the Second Pic:

The idea is: This Dashboard shows Each Continent* Contribution by each country for CAPS vs DOB

-It gives us another view of the CAPS vs DOB;

-Some continents have higher caps than other continents

-Some continents have more countries in the World Cup than other Continents

-The Dashboard still show that the older the player in each continent the more caps the player would have in the world cup

-Russia & Australia are combined in one Continent because they only represent two countries

For the Third Pic:

The idea is: This Bar Graph shows Caps vs DOB (Oldest to Youngest) broken by position

For the fourth Pic:

The Idea is: This Bar Chart represent every country in the World Cup by their total CAPS; it show which country participated the most/least in the World Cup