Goals Motivation and Membership of Animal Liberation Front Group Paper

Select a domestic terror group that has been active in recent years and describe it. If you have difficulty selecting an appropriate group, consider environmental groups, animal rights groups, ethnic hate groups, or anti-abortion groups. Your discussion of the selected group should cover the following:

  • Provide a description of the group’s motivation, goals, and membership.
  • Describe an example of an action that the group has taken that would meet the definitions of terrorism.
  • Analyze whether this group is gaining strength. What are the factors that will influence whether this group grows in strength or weakens?
  • Describe the efforts of law enforcement to combat the group.
  • Propose strategies for the government to deal with this group in the future. Keep in mind that there may be things the government can do to address the group’s underlying motivations – think beyond “law enforcement.” Be sure that any proposals you offer are constitutional and realistic.