Gender Equality Autonomy and Freedom Definitional Argument

In a paper of three to four pages (minimum 900 words), create a definitional argument. A definitional argument builds on your work in the example argument as well as description and narration. The topic is basic and builds on the definition of ‘sport’ and the Vonnegut story, ‘Harrison Bergeron.’ I think it’s a fantastic story that is very, very useful to understand how definitional arguments are made and supported

The idea here is for you to establish a working definition for a concept that is generally seen as a societal good (like ‘equality’ or ‘justice’ in the Vonnegut story—who would argue that equality is a bad thing?), but that can be taken too far and become destructive to individuals. Examples might include: beauty, privacy, patriotism, faith, truth, and liberty.

You may use any of these words or pick one of your own—I would certainly run your choice by me for suggestions and brain-storming.