Futuring Techniques to Products and Services in Science Paper

  • interpret and critically analyze primary scientific literature to assess the validity and reliability of scientific results and evaluate the conclusions drawn from these data
  • Demonstrate proficiency in scientific principles, techniques and applications in the life sciences to evaluate experimental design and determine compliance with standards of protocol and ethical practice
  • Effectively communicate scientific principles, concepts, methods, and research findings based on critical analysis of primary literature, industry reports, and other life sciences resources
  • Pose vital and relevant scientific questions to identify problems, challenges, and opportunities for the development of innovative products and services in the life sciences

I. Paper Format (10 points)

A. Paper label and title page (4):
1. Label your paper as follows: First and last name – Futuring (e.g., Sharon Brown – Futuring) (2)
2. Title page (name, instructor, title, due date) (2)
B. Sections of paper labeled properly (1)
C. Type double-spaced, 11-point, Times New Roman font paper with 1-inch margins (2)
D. 3-4 pages (not including title page and reference page) (3)

II. Paper Content (70 points) Futuring Analysis – After reading the resources provided on futuring analysis, please follow the instructions, labeling each section of your paper according to the headings for A-C below.

A. Futuring Techniques Described (30 points)
1. Provide a general overview of futuring (10)
2. Choose two futuring techniques
a. Describe each of your two chosen futuring methods. (10)
b. Explain the significance of each of your two chosen futuring method in determining the future of products and services in the life sciences. (10)

B. Futuring Techniques Applied to Innovation (30 points)
1. Summarize the innovation you identified in your SWOT analysis. (10)
2. Present the results from applying each of your two chosen futuring techniques to the innovation you identified in your SWOT analysis (10 each)

C. Conclusion (10 points) – Based on the results of both futuring techniques, explain in detail whether or not you think your chosen opportunity is a worthy investment of time and resources.

III. Paper References (15 points)

A. Use at least 10 references (5) DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA
B. In-text references in APA format (5) (All references should be cited throughout the paper)
C. End references in APA-format (5)
D. If no references are cited, a grade of zero for this paper will be assigned.

IV. Paper Grammar (5 points)
Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence construction, and paragraph construction will be considered in the grading of this assignment.

V. Presentation Submission
A. Please label your paper with your first and last name followed by Futuring -for example, Sharon Brown – Futuring. B. Submit the assignment as a Word Document i