Functions and The Implications on Businesses and Business Practices Paper

1. The management of people and processes has evolved over the years from the “personnel” function to human resources.
Discuss this evolution of the function and the implications on businesses and business practices.

2. Define diversity management in detail and describe the components that have been combined to make up our present workforce diversity.
Which component do you think is making the most impact on workforce diversity today?

3. Ensuring that the organization is making good hiring decisions is essential to success. In terms of employee selection, what is the significance of organizational fit?

4. Explain why the following statement is often true: “The Achilles’ heel of the entire evaluation process is the appraisal interview itself.”

5. How has government legislation affected compensation? Discuss at least 2 of the laws associated with compensation.
Are these laws still applicable to the workforce employed today?

6. Describe the broad characteristics of the labor movement and why employees join labor unions.

7. What effects does workplace domestic violence have within a business?

8. Discuss three global employee and labor relations problems. How can organizations overcome these problems? Explain