Free Speech & Privacy Right Sustainability Of Online Social Media Platforms

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The advent of the internet, and the promises made by an open-source and egalitarian platform, made global democratization seem like an inevitability. As Bremmer says, “The democratization of communications, the theory goes, will bring about the democratization of the world,” (Bremmer 86). However, the reality of the internet, and its limitations, are becoming more clear. As Tufekci illustrates, “Facebook doesn’t just connect democracy-loving Egyptian dissidents and fans of the videogame Civilization; it brings together white supremacists, who can now assemble far more effectively. It helps connect the efforts of radical Buddhist monks in Myanmar, who now have much more potent tools for spreading incitement to ethnic cleansing—fueling the fastest- growing refugee crisis in the world,” (Tufekci). This begs the question, are democratic ideals, such as free speech and a right to privacy, truly sustainable on online social media platforms? Explain your reasoning.

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