Ford Motors and GM Consulting Project

My Company is FORD

Competitor is GM

  • Familiarize yourself with Ford company, its industry, and its competitor GM. Consider the company’s past history and its outlook for the future. Conduct a strategic analysis using Porter’s Five Forces framework.
  • Use the Strategic Valuation Model to develop a historical perspective on company FORD by analyzing past performance trends and relationships to the overall economy, industry, and a relevant competitor GM.
  • Compute the returns to shareholders for the company FORD for the past three years. (IN EXCEL)
  • Compute returns on the S&P 500 and the company’s competitor GM for the past three years. . (IN EXCEL)
  • Prepare a ratio analysis and return on equity disaggregation for the company FORD and GM (IN EXCEL). Develop an opinion on how the companies has performed.
  • Use the Strategic Valuation Model to prepare a detailed free cash flow computation for the company FORD and GM with a five-year projection. (IN EXCEL)
  • Compute the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) . (IN EXCEL)
  • Develop a valuation model for the company. Reconcile the results to the actual market value at the end of the most recent fiscal year. Your model should include an explicit cash flow forecast and then compute the continuing value.
  • Develop a strategy for maximizing the value of your company. Consider relevant value drivers. You should consider the overall economy, industry, and competitor conditions in formulating your strategy. Be sure to use the model of shareholder value that you developed to estimate the impact that your strategy will have on the company’s value.
  • The Report should contain 10 pages of text, plus any relevant exhibits (graphs calculation exhibits)

All the computations need to be done in Excel with clear indication in Text where the data is coming from for the calculations. Formulas need to be clearly indicated and explained . All Calculations needs to be labeled clearly. I am attaching the most recent 10K reporys fpr Ford and GM and the date for the calculations needs to be taken from these reports.