Florida Algae Problem and Its Impact to The Floridas Ecosystems Paper

This should take at least one page if you are using complete sentences (which I expect), but do not exceed two pages. This is assignment is intended to get you thinking critically about an ecological problem pertaining to Florida. I am expecting you to apply your acquired knowledge.You can research but don’t copy word by word.

Part I. Identify and explain the problem and proposed solutions • Construct a clear and insightful problem statement that defines Florida’s algae bloom problem and the issues that exist in solving this problem. Include the proposed solutions or methods to solve this problem that were made by the state and other groups Provide your assessment of these solutions using your acquired knowledge gained from ecology videos and in-class research. By this I mean do you think this is a reasonable solution with a decent chance at succeeding? Why or why not?

Part II. Impact to Florida’s Ecosystems • Provide the ecological significance of this event (why we care about this event in the field of ecology).

Part III. Provide your own ideas to this problem • Use your understanding of the algae events to identify possible strategies that you think would work for solving this problem. • How would you go about implementing ideas or strategies? Write a general statement for how you would go about doing this not a step-by-step procedure.

Part iV. Current efforts made by the state of Florida • Using the identified solutions mentioned in part I of this project, describe the efforts made by the state to implement the solution(s). If one of the proposed solutions is not fully implemented explain why. • Lastly, what areas do you think may need further work to succeed in these proposals?