First help

Complete Chapter 9 Entrepreneurial Challenge (page 382): BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You will complete these assignments for each chapter throughout the semester and put together a final report at the end of the semester.

Write an analysis addressing the following:

  1. Your business is undertaking many new and exciting initiatives to boost growth, including employee blogs, customer wikis, and implementation of a new time and attendance system. Time and attendance software is critical to the business because it can ensure that you have the right employees, at the right place, at the right time, which can increase sales. You never want to find yourself understaffed during busy times and overstaffed during slow times. Also, accurately accounting for employees’ time is crucial to analyzing labor expenses effectively, which are the largest operating expense your business incurs. Conveniently, time and attendance solution providers, time click manufacturers, and software development companies are developing high-quality affordable products. You have decided to replace the manual employee tracking system your grandfather implemented in the 1950s. You have a highly technical employee, Nick Zele, who has offered to build the system for you and assures you that it is a simple build. You could also purchase one of the many off-the-shelf applications and have an outsourcing firm customize the application for your business. What are the pros and cons of using an employee to build you a custom system what are the pros and cons of purchasing an off-the-shelf time and attendance application and outsourcing custom development? How will your older employees feel about the new system and what can you do to ensure a smooth transition? What type of system development plan will you choose to implement?

Instructions for your submission:

  • Open the Word document from your previous submission:”Entrepreneurial Challenge-YourName”.
  • You will be using this document throughout the semester.
  • Make any requested changes from feedback received in previous weeks
  • Add a bold heading titled: Chapter 9: Systems Development
  • Follow the formatting requirements below
  • Be sure your analysis is clear and organized.
  • Change the Footer on the Word document to: Left (Your Name), Middle (Page number), Right (semester, year).
  • Submit “Entrepreneurial Challenge-YourName” prior to the due date and time.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • One-inch margins (indent first line of paragraphs 1/2-inch)
  • Double spaced (no extra spacing before or after paragraphs)
  • Correct spelling and punctuation
  • Complete sentences