Finish the note and works cited of essay#2 and Essay #3 two versions of the introduction

In regards to your final essay #2, please write a “Note to Jeannie” that describes your process for writing the essay: What worked well for you? What didn’t work so well? What would you do differently if you could? Please mention some specifics about your essay–your introduction, for example, or a sentence you liked in one of your paragraphs, or something you think is still choppy or messy from your conclusion and why (one paragraph double-spaced). (due Fri. 4/26)

Attach a copy of your Works Cited here as well as at the end of your final essay #2. If you used any outside sources, also attach a copy of one page from each outside source here, labelled so that I can tell which one it is. Note that for Choice #2: Research on a Thread, you are required to have two outside sources, but not for the other ones. For all three essay topics, cite The Omnivore’s Dilemma. You can scan or upload a picture of your pages.

To get started on your essay #3 Creative Research Paper (see topic file above), I would like you to try writing two different versions of an introduction. Choose your topic, and write an introduction. Then, try to write a different or better introduction for the same topic. These small assignments count towards your final Essay #3 grade.