financial management ( lesson 5)

Lesson 5

Welcome to Week 5!

This week you will study the multiple layers of investments. Some individuals actively manage their portfolios and make their own investment decisions, such as which specific stocks or bonds to buy and sell. Other individuals delegate this decision making. They may purchase the shares in an investment company or participate in a pension plan and let the plan’s management decide which specific assets to acquire. These assets range from relatively safe debt obligations, such as the bonds issued by the federal government, to risky investments, such as common stock. Not all assets are appropriate to meet every financial goal, so portfolio constructing should begin with specifying the investor’s objectives.

Select Stocks using the Investopedia simulator; you start with $10,000. Pick some stocks and purchase shares with the funds you are given.

Read and discuss the article The Investment Game.

Class discussion on Stock Valuation

Research Time- Let’s Search the Databases

Wall Street Crash

  • What caused the Stock Market Crash of 1929?
  • What caused the Stock Market Crash of 1987?
  • What caused the Stock Market Crash of 2008?

Identify the three companies you are researching on Investopedia. Based on a review of their market reports, make recommendations as a team to eliminate one of the companies. Submit a comparison chart with a summary highlighting the reasons the team will keep two of the companies. What company was eliminated? Why? 3 Companies : Coca Cola, Pepsi, Toyota.