Financial analys

Input the required data into the attached excel spreadsheet (the cells blackened out do not require inputs)

Follow the examples from the power point presented this week (Week 12 – Financial Analysis) to assist in compiling El Pollo Loco’s 2018 numbers & ratios in column B of the spreadsheet.

Chipotle’s data for 2018, 2017 and 2016 will need to be provided in rows c, d, and e. Make sure to provide detailed explanation of the yoy trends of Chipotle and how it compares to El Pollo Loco in the most recent year.

The link to the financial information for Chipotle is on line 24 of the excel spreadsheet. Once the link is open find the “10K” to collect the appropriate data required in the income statement and balance sheet.

you may use the powerpoint doc to help you