Final project report “Hand Motion Controlled Robotic”

I’ve already attached the Proposal and first design pass of the project to use some of its information and to know what has been done so far. Also, a direct link to the selected project to get clear idea’s about the project and how it works.…

Please follow the instructions step by step to get the full grade, and let me know if you have any questions…

Here is the Final report instruction:

1. Final report must be word processed and double spaced. Number all pages in your report except for the title page.

2. All data, equations, and etc. taken from another source must be referenced.

3. Every table or figure must be referred to in the text. Any time a specific figure, table, chart, or appendix is referred to, it is capitalized ( for example Figure 1). All figures and tables are to be labeled with a figure or table number and a descriptive title. (Titles are placed above tables but below figures).

4. The report should contain the following items:

A. A cover page

B. Abstract page with title and a brief abstract of the project giving the objective and results.

C. Report body:

– A description of the project and objectives.

– A description of the hardware design along with equations and calculations used to determine parameters, circuit values, and etc.

– A presentation of the actual design, actual values used, a complete schematic, drawings of equipment, etc., if appropriate.

– A description of the software required along with calculations, equations, etc., if appropriate.

– A description of the results of the project, graphs, tables of data, typical runs, and etc.

D. Conclusions. Summarize the results of your efforts, describing how well your

Project solves the problem(s) you set out to solve.

E. References/Bibliography:

– List of reference books used.

– List reference design software used.

F. Recommendations (optional). If you did not meet your specifications, or if you feel that your device has not completely solved the problem, outline specific plans for future work by another design team. Also, if you have specific ideas for extending the work to solve other problems, please list them here.

G. Appendices

– A final listing of all expenses.

– A table of weekly effort for each group member. Provide a summary of total effort for each member and for the entire group.

– List of materials to include manufacturing specifications.