Final essay

**Please take a screen shot of the first two (2) pages of the company’s 10K report** and paste into your paper. The first two pages start in the BUSINESS part of the report.

1. Let’s investigate the company of your choice. Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook and/or the Vault database, to answer the following questions about an occupation relating to the hospitality industry: (15 points)

  • Choose a position you would like to have in this company.
  • What are the responsibilities of someone in this occupation?
  • What skills and traits will you need to be successful in this occupation?
  • What is the salary range for this occupation?
  • What are the job prospects for this occupation?

2. Use two or more of the following resources ( the company’s 10-K report using either Mergent Intellect, company’s website, or ValueLine) to answer the following questions about a prospective employer: (35 points)

  • What is the company’s major line of business?
  • What is the company’s vision and mission?
  • IS THE MISSION OR VISION VAGUE? IF SO, HOW? AND HOW CAN YOU MAKE THIS STATEMENT BETTER? (I would like to read your opinion on this and please tell me why)
  • How many people does the company employ?
  • When was the company founded?
  • Is the company global or does it only operate in the United States?
  • Is this company public, private, or a subsidiary or division of another company?
  • Who is the current CEO?
  • How long has she or he been the CEO of this company?
  • Provide a brief biographical profile.
  • Who are considered the top three competitors to your company?
  • What new developments is the company involved in?
  • For example, this could include any new products or services, expansion plans, or an innovation?
  • Is this company experiencing any challenges?

3. Let’s research the industry in which your company competes. Use at least one of the following resources ( I
bisWorld, or
ValueLine) to answer the following questions about the industry: (20 points)

  • What is the primary industry your company does business in?
  • What is the corporate culture of your company?
  • What companies are the industry leaders?
  • What are some trends in the industry?
  • What is the outlook for this industry?

4. Lets track current news regarding your company and/or industry. Use
ABI/inform or
Business Source Premier to find the following: (15 points)

  • Find a recent article (published in 2017, 2018 or 2019) about your company or industry. Based on this article, what opportunities or threats lie ahead for your company and/or industry?

5. Finally, let’s remember about the importance of academic integrity and the need to cite our source. Indicate the sources you used to answer these questions. (10 points)

6. Please come up with five (5) questions (none from question 2 above) you would ask the interviewer about the company when you go for your interview. The questions should not be generic, and should leave an impression with the interviewer. (5 points)