FIN330 MIAMI Multiple Linear Regression Models & Data Analysis

There are 10 questions regarding this statement:

A researcher was interested in how students’ Graduate Record Examinations scores (GREQ- Quantitative and GREV-Verbal) predict college students’ graduate school Grade Point Average (GGPA). He collects data from 30 college students. The GRE Quantitative (X1) and GRE Verbal (X2) scores can range from 400-1600 (Note. This is the old GRE score scale). GGPA (Y) can range from 0.00 to 4.00.

  1. Write out the regression equation using both independent variables for this set of data. (6 p)

There is also an excel data file that corresponds with the question.

Please make sure to show all work in excel and follow the requirements in the assignment.

I put two excel files but they are the same. I just was not sure which one would open.