Film Argument Essay?

Use your outline to create a 750-1250 word analysis essay on the film your group selected. Your essay must have a strong argument thesis that asserts the connections between the American Dream theme. Your essay must meet this criteria:

  • A strong and relevant introduction
  • A strong argument thesis statement
  • Well-argued body paragraphs that contain topic sentences which refer back to the thesis and provide supporting details from the film and your analyses.
  • Four relevant and credible sources (in addition to the film), incorporated in the development of the argument.
  • Strong organizational structure with clear transitional sentences
  • A conclusion that reemphasizes the thesis statement
  • Clearly cited references and quotations using the MLA parenthetical form of citations
  • A Works Cited page using the MLA format.
  • General MLA guidelines

2. Save your file in .doc or .docx format and submit as an attachment using the BLUE link above. Be sure to click the Submit button or I won’t receive your file. When I have finished grading your essay, you may view my comments by re- clicking the link above.


This assignment requires you to use all of the skills you have been developing to analyze multiple texts, develop and support an argument, follow a process for writing,and use and cite sources properly.


I will grade your essay on the quality of the argument you construct. I will look for well supported claims as well as relevant evidence to support your claims. In addition, I will take into account accuracy of in-text citations, works cited entries, and the general criteria for writing assignments. (75 points).