Explain the meanings of “total architecture” and “machines for living

This week we continue our study of modernism up until 1945.

Important art movements include American Scene or Regionalism. During the Great Depression, artists worked in style that celebrated regions and characteristics of the United States. The WPA or Works Project Adm. commissioned artists to create public art in an effort to provide employment for artists. Thomas Hart Benton was commissioned to paint murals in the Missouri City Capital. http://benton.truman.edu/murals_regionalism.html

The Harlem Renaissance movement celebrates African-American culture. Notable artists include Aaron Douglas and Jacob Lawrence.

Alfred Stieglitz promoted photography and early American modern abstract painters, such as Georgia O’Keeffe at his Gallery 291 on Fifth Avenue.

Frank Lloyd Wright introduces organic architecture in his Prairie Style Robie House in Chicago (Kleiner Fig. 29-45), while Le Corbusier introduces his Machine for Living in the Villa Savoye (Fig. 29-69). See Andrew Kroll. ArchDaily. 27 Oct 2010. http://www.archdaily.com/84524/ad-classics-villa-savoye-le-corbusier

Respond to Week 5 Discussion question and complete the Museum Visit Assignment.