Executive Summary of White Paper

Write a 2-page Executive Summary of a White Paper on a topic that is tangentially related to your organization and will position your group as a subject matter expert on the topic with important external target audiences. (See the 8-step format description of a White Paper in this week’s Overview section for the elements you should cover in this condensed version of the paper.) Because this is a Executive Summary, you can use bullet points rather than a narrative writing style. If you were writing the actual full White Paper, you would flesh this out with full paragraphs.

As with all assignments, please preface the paper itself with your description to me of who is the target audience for your writing. (In this case, because it is an internal Executive Summary, that should be a tip to you as to the audience! But I still want you to include this information in your assignment submission.) Then also tell me who would be the audiences for the full White Paper if you were writing and distributing it externally.

Jan. 28–I’m adding below a couple more examples of KRC Research complete white papers. I want you to see the difference between the Executive Summary and a full white paper. You’ll see how very deep the full white paper is in research and statistics. These are hefty public relations writing projects similar in size and scope to a thesis paper in college. Hope these additions are interesting to you. (Used with permission of KRC Research)