English 1340

  • Instructions Project Overview

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    • The attached document overviews the ENTIRE Instructions Project, which consists of three parts.
    • This module contains materials for all parts of the project, but we will work toward submitting one part at a time.
    • Complete activities in this module in the order they appear (and by the dates listed on the Course Calendar) to stay on track.
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    Instructions Draft + Test Plan Assignment Sheet, Rubric, & Blank Audience Analysis

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    • The assignment sheet & rubric attached here are for the first part of the Instructions Project: Instructions Draft + Test Plan
    • Note that this rubric is not very specific: that’s because I’m evaluating your draft for completeness and effort, not perfection. I will grade your Final Instructions for perfection 😉
    • You can complete the Audience Analysis once you’ve selected a topic.
    • The assignment sheet & rubric reference a “Test Plan Template” – that document comes later in this module.
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    linked itemW11: Topics & Sample Instructions

    1. Complete the first 4 rows of the Instructions Audience Analysis sheet. This requires you to first choose a task or procedure you will write instructions for. See the Instructions Overview Document (first item in this module) for a list of acceptable topics. Copy and paste only the first 4 rows here.
    2. Revisit the sample student Instructions submissions. Answer the following questions about the samples (use what you learned about “effective instructions”): What are the strongest and weakest elements of each (be specific)? Do you notice anything confusing or problematic about either? Which would you prefer to use, and why?
    3. In this week’s peer responses, give each other feedback on their topics or their opinions about the sample student instructions.
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    Sample Final Instructions

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    • These samples show two students’ attempts to write instructions for “Submitting the Introductory E-mail” (you cannot use this topic)
    • These are FINAL Instructions, but they show examples of final products. However, I don’t expect your Instructions Draft submission to be as polished as these. Your Final Instructions should be at least this good, though 🙂
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    Read Ch. 13 – Evaluating & Testing Documents

    You will create a Test Plan to evaluate your instructions. Our Test Plan will be a very condensed, simplistic version of a Usability Study. However, it’s still important for the real world (e.g., your future careers) that you understand more about Usability Evaluations / Tests than I will ask you to apply on your Test Plan. As you read Ch. 13, pay close attention to the meaning of these terms/ concepts, which RC9 will cover:

    • Usability
    • Guided Evaluations
    • User Testing in a Controlled Setting vs. Testing Documents in Context
    • Interpreting and Reporting Your Findings
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    Test Plan PowerPoint & Test Plan Template

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    • The Test Plan PowerPoint lesson breaks down the parts of the Test Plan Template, which is also attached here. Use the PowerPoint to help you complete the Test Plan.
    • Use the Test Plan Template – do not create your own!
    • The only items you need to change in the template are in [BRACKETS, CAPITAL LETTERS, AND GREEN].
    • Only change the items indicated – do not fill out the Test Notes or complete the User Survey yet. We will do that in the next phase of the project (after you submit your Draft + Test Plan)