ENGL236 Industrial Revolution Research Paper

STEP ONE: Pick a topic and gather academic sources

Select an author or text from the list of readings found on our syllabus. Consult the sign-up sheet for suggestions. Then find three academic articles about the author, the text we are covering in class, and/or the time period/relevant historical events that occurred during the time the text was written (Historical context can be found by reading the introductory notes for the author and text in the Longman Anthology).

Since you are hoping to find academic sources, the best place to go is to the library’s collection of online databases. Consult the Bankier Library List of Databases. For literature, try Literary Reference Center, Literature Resource Center, and JSTOR. You may also use Web sites that are .edu only. Limit a Google search result list by going to “Settings” and then clicking on “Advanced Search” and typing “.edu” next to where it says “site or domain.”

STEP TWO: Read academic sources and the text assigned for class

Read the articles. After you read the articles, read the assigned text for our class. Once you have read both the articles and the assigned reading, you are ready to complete the written component of the Research Assignment.

STEP THREE: Write Bibliographic citations and annotations for each of the three sources and write a one-page response that refers to three specific parts of the assigned reading for class

A. Write a bibliographic citation in MLA format for each article.

See the MLA citation models below and follow them. Do not just provide URL addresses for the articles.

B. Under each bibliographic citation, write an annotation that summarizes the article.

Write a summary of the major points of the article. The summary should NOT be copied and pasted chunks from the article, which would be plagiarism. What are the main ideas of the article? Make sure to include a minimum of one quote from the article that you found interesting. After each quote, put a parenthetical citation with the article author’s last name and the page number.

Annotations should be about three paragraphs for each source.

C. Write a one-page response that connects what you learned from the research articles to the assigned reading.

This is the analysis piece. It is an opportunity to make connections. How did the articles help you to understand the assigned text better? What parts of the text became more significant because of what you learned from the research articles? Refer to at least three specific parts from the assigned text that you understood better because of your research. Put a parenthetical citation after each quote that contains the text author’s last name and the page number.

website- http://www.brookdalecc.edu/library/researchtools/d…

The rest of the instructions are in the file and the sign up sheet is also there